Organizing bus transportation


Major events such as forums, festivals, and seminars often require competent ground transport management.
In 2009, AST-Murmansk was the transport operator of the First International Economic Forum in Murmansk. Among the various tasks, the most ambitious one was organization of ground transport, where AST provided and organized the operation of several dozen different passenger buses at the same time.
In addition, our company provides charter bus services in Scandinavia, Europe and other continents of the world at supplier prices.
Thus, by ordering a bus from us, you save yourself from difficulties in organizing such a trip, and also get transport at the same price that the suppliers would offer you

To order such transport services, you can contact the corporate service department of AST-Murmansk LLC:

+78152 45 71 41
+78152 45 71 42

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Transport type
Number of cars
Bus 40-50 seats
Minibus 14-20 seats
Minivan 6-8 seats
Representative class
Business class car
SUV (off-road)
Economy class car
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