Services to oil and gas and industrial enterprises


Along with the growing global consumption of hydrocarbon resources, the oil and gas sector is developing significantly in the world. n this regard, AST-Murmansk LLC offers its customers special rates for employees of companies engaged in the study of hydrocarbon reserves and their production. These rates apply to the specialists who study oil and gas reserves, employees of seismic services and employees involved in production.

For AST-Murmansk, it is important not only to sell tickets with an offshore discount, but also to provide the customer with maximum convenience in organizing transportation of groups of specialists in various directions, taking into account all the subtleties of travel and providing a range of additional services. Our professional team takes into account not only the issues of economy and convenience when organizing a travel, but also regulatory and legal aspects, visa requirements and geographical features, choosing the most optimal routes.

We offer our customers a comprehensive solution to the issue of passenger transportation, bringing a lot of convenience to their activities and reducing their costs

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