Services to shipping companies


AST is one of the leading companies in the Murmansk region in organizing crew shifts for seafarers around the world.
The AST team provides round-the-clock monitoring of replacement crews, which makes it possible to minimize unforeseen situations associated with traveling at any distance.

Our cooperation with airlines that are members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) makes it possible to provide tickets at special sea fares on the terms best for our customers, significantly reducing costs. These rates provide for cancellation at any time and without any penalties, which gives additional savings in terms of changing sea crews.

AST applies an integrated approach to solving problems related to the transportation of seafarers. Therefore, we think over the transportation in the tiniest detail. In addition to transportation of seafarers by air, we solve for our clients the issues of organizing accommodation anywhere in the world and transportation by land and sea transport, as well as provide other necessary services.

Let us note that the right to fly at sea rates belongs not only to the crew members, but also to other persons in one way or another connected with the maritime business, and they include:

  • employees who are not seafarers, but are on board the ship due to a particular business need
  • husband / wife of a seafarer at sea
  • engineers, contractors, inspectors and managers
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